MBI Pico centri (max 6 x 2.0ml)

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MBI Lab Equipments

The MBI Pico Centrifuge unit is compact, easy to use and designed to meet the wide range of applications found in research.


  • 6000 rpm/2000g

  • Quick acceleration and breaking

  • Two rotors 6 place 1.5 ml and PCR strip

  • Adaptors included 0.5 to 0.65ml and 0.4mls

  • Small footprint

  • Automatic shut off switch when lid is opened

  • ON/off switch

  • Translucent lid for easy visualization

  • CE marked

  • One year warranty

The MBI Pico Centrifuge's small footprint requires less than six inches of bench space. This compact and easy to operate instrument weighs just two pounds. At 6000 rpm/2000g theMBI Pico Centrifuge is perfect for quickly spinning down samples, micro gel filtration applications and micro-volume biological fluid centrifugation. The fast acceleration and braking make it perfect for these quick spins. The MBI Pico  Centrifuge automatically shuts off when the lid is opened but there is also an on/off switch as well so the lid can be closed without starting the unit. The MBI Pico Centrifuge comes complete with two rotors (1) a 6 place rotor for 1.5ml tubes and (2) a PCR Strip rotor. Adapters are included that enable the 6 place rotor to also accommodate 0.5ml or 0.4ml tubes.

Catalog Number MBI80392030
Rotor Speed 6,000 RPM
G Force 2,000 xg
Capacity 6 x 2.0ml
Dimensions 6"x 6"(153 mm)
Electrical 120V~, 60 Hz
Fuse 0.5 A, 250 V

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