MBI Refrigerated Microtubes Thermoshaker (without Block)

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MBI Lab Equipment - Refrigerated Microtubes Thermoshaker

General purpose microtubes thermoshaker, 4 block options

ThermoShakers MBINT-100 and MBINTD-100 are ideal instruments for intensive mixing of samples the regulated temperature conditions. Mixing and heating modes can be used both simultaneously and independently i.e. the device can work as a shaker and as a thermostat. The main body of the Mixing Block can be used with different kinds of blocks. The MBI ThermoShakers are applicable for DNA analysis, extraction of lipids and other cell components, DNA library creation, PCR amplification, pre-denaturation in electrophoresis, serum solidification etc.


  • LCD display. It easy to setup and use.

  • Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed

  • Over heating protection device ensures safety & reliability

  • Temperature can be calibrated to meet user's needs.

  • Low noise working even under the speed of 1,500rpm

  • Custom blocks are available to satisfy experimental requirement

  • Gentle, reliable mixing with long-life direct current motor

  • Limited warranty one year

Catalog Number MBINTD-100
Temperature Range 0℃ – 100 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
Display Accuracy 0.1 ℃
Heat up time ≤20min. Cooling time: ≤25min(from ambient to ambient - 20 ℃) ≤15min(from 100 ℃ to 20 ℃)
Shaker Speed 200rpm-1500rpm
Mixing Orbit 2mm
Timing Range 1 min ~ 99h59min
Standard Blocks 96 well Plate Block or 0.5ml x 54 Block or 1.5ml x 35 Block or 2ml x 35 Block and more
Dimensions 300x220x170 mm
Net Weight 8.5kg

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