Advanced Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 4x4" - Ceramic Top

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Troemner / Talboys Advanced Hot Plate Stirrers - 4x4" Advanced Hotplate Stirrer, Ceramic Top

  • Excellent temperature uniformity

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Cool touch, chemical resistant housing

  • LED display for temperature

Talboys Advanced hotplates, stirrers and hotplate-stirrers deliver accurate and repeatable results. These units are microprocessor controlled and have an LED display for temperature. Control panel features easy-to-use controls which allow users to dial in adjustments. Rear housing features an integral support rod holder with locking knob to accept the optional support rod and clamp kit.


  • Low profile design - Takes up less space and fits into fume hoods. Spill resistant housing channels fluids away from internal components.

  • Control panel - Adjustment knob for temperature displays set-point in LED display. Stir control knob has rpm adjustment markings.

  • LED display - Shows set point temperature. Display is easy-to-read and provides repeatable and accurate results every time.

  • Recall last temp - Built-in memory allows users to recall last set temperature even when unit has been turned off.

  • Microprocessor control - Enhanced electronics regulate both heating and stirring and bring samples to temperature quickly and efficiently. Temperature measurement is controlled more accurately by utilizing an internal RTD. Speed is precisely controlled,and provides consistent stirring at all speeds. Powerful continuous duty motor delivers dependable and reliable stirring.

  • Heating capacity - Robust heater allows heating surface to reach set point quickly.

  • Ceramic or aluminum top plate materials - Ceramic tops feature a chemical resistant, reflective white top plate surface that is easy to clean. Durable aluminum tops will not crack or chip, and provide a more even heating surface.

  • Built-in support rod holder - Rear housing features an off centered, built-in support rod holder with locking knob that accepts the optional Support Rod and Clamp Kit.

Safety Features

  • Cool touch housing - Housing is made of a heat resistant polymer that is not only cool to the touch but also chemical resistant.

  • Hot top indicator - For additional safety, hot symbol warning light is illuminated when heat is turned on and remains on until top plate cools down.

  • Overshoot protection - Unit will shut down and activate audible and visual signals if temperature deviates ± 1°C from set-point.

  • Stir protection - If stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut down heater. (for Hotplate-Stirrers)

  • Ramping feature - Slowly increases speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling. Avoids splashing, improves spin bar control and provides excellent low end speed control.(for Hotplate-Stirrers)

  • Optional Support Rod and Clamp Kit - Kit includes 18" (45.7cm) stainless steel support rod, 3 prong medium swivel clamp, thermometer/temperature probe extension clamp, and hook connector.

  • Applications: General lab heating and mixing. Dissolving buffers and dehydrated media.

  • Operating Conditions - Unit can be run from 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F).

Catalog Number 984TA4CHSUSA
Work plate dimension 102 x 102mm
Work plate material Ceramic
Voltage 120V
Stirring Positions 1
Stirring Capacity - (L, H2O) 600ml (H2O)
Stirring Speed 60 - 1600 RPM
Max. magnetic bar (length) 38mm
Speed Control Analog with temperature LED
Load capacity (kg/lbs) 9kg / 20lbs
Temperature range (°C) Ambient +5°C to 500°C
Permissible ambient temperature (℃) 5°C to 40°C
Permissible relative humidity (%) 20% to 80%
Dimensions 274 x 168 x 109mm (10.8 x 6.6 x 4.3in)

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