MBIGel Mini Electrophoresis System

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Key Features

MBIGel Mini Electrophoresis System is a complete electrophoresis system ideal for small labs and classrooms. The easy three-step PourLoad and Run design is convenient for users of all experience levels involved in DNA quantification and isolation.

  • Includes: gel box, safety lid, power supply, two 1.5 x 6 cm and four 5 x 6 cm gel trays, casting stands for gel trays and two double sided combs for each gel size

  • Smaller tooth combs compatible with multichannel pipettes

  • Power supply connects to gel box

  • Selectable parameters: 35V, 50 V and 100

  • 0-99 minutes or continuous timer

  • Vented, clear safety lid dissipates heat generated during electrophoresis

  • Unit runs when lid is securely in place

  • Dark contrast strip on tray helps visualize wells when loading

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